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Published January 22, 2011 by blissfulvengeance

Well look at that! 4 months and I’m finally blogging. I cannot get the motivation to blog for some reason. I guess I just don’t have it in me. That, and my life has been pretty uneventful lately.

Lets see, last time I blogged I think I talked about having an interview at the new ice rink in town. well, I got the job. I’ve been there since October 1st and liking it so far. I’m a CSR (customer service rep) and I take money for publice skate and bounce and answer phones and whatever else they need me to do. I only work about 3 days a week there, but I’m also still working at Hallmark, so between the two I’m working a full-time job pretty much.

How was everyone’s Christmas and New Year’s? Mine was pretty good. Went to my Grandma and Grandpas Christmas Eve, then to my step-brother and sister-in-laws on Christmas day then Christmas with my mom and step-dad Christmas night. Went to my step-brother and sister-in-laws house for New Year’s Eve and had a great time.

Other than that, nothing much else going on. Guess I’ll let ya’ll go until I can find something more interesting to talk about. Lol. Bye!!!